The Nest are

  • Christoph Clöser
    saxophone & synthesizer
  • Tycho Schottelius
    electronic music & engineering
  • Gerald Mandl
    bass-guitar & electronic music
  • Thomas Mahmoud
    vocals & effects


  • "A Closer Listen" about "Das Lied Der Ankommenden"

    "While the group cites noise as a influence alongside jazz and electroacoustic, "Das Lied Der Ankommenden" never ventures far into abrasive sounds. While the group doesn’t quite live up to the label of “Happy Dark Jazz” suggested by the closing track, the music of The Nest strikes a pleasant balance between moods and sounds. The Nest have arrived."
  • "Tiny Mix Tapes" about "1977"

    "With a sound both ominous and spacious, the quartet allows the music to breathe and expand within the cavernous surroundings, all the while giving off an unsettling and claustrophobic vibe"
  • "Boomkat" about "music for drivers"

    “Highly minimal and with due attention to space and atmosphere, poised with a sharp tension between contrasting organic and mechanical sound sources; field recordings lend an unpredictability and sense of atmospheric breadth while their patiently attuned playing paints the space between with ethereal, otherworldly strokes of synthesizer, saxophone and electronics. constantly morphing between moods which are never quite just dark and light, maybe best described in terms of psychedelic, hallucinatory light shows.”
  • "Toneshift" about "1977"

    Life is slowed down hear, the tones are displaced, darkly ambient with a wiggly space music feel. While a melody glistens, others are shape-shifting objects ever so slightly, the percussive elements are like nerve-endings."
  • "Textura" about "music for drivers"

    "In its favour, the group brings an open-ended sensibility to the recording process. There's some sense of structure and organization in place but an even greater focus on freedom and fluidity, with the four musicians willing to let the peculiar material unfold in accordance with its own idiosyncratic logic. It's not always easy listening, but it's also never less than interesting."
  • "A Personal Miscellanarium" about "sayweenjoy"

    "This form of genre-boundary-neutral music seems very now, very current in a subtext sort of way. It gives me the feeling of being on to something."

selected shows:

  • Jazz Festival Moers, Germany
  • Jazzhouse Kopenhagen, Denmark
  • Avant Art Festival, Wrozlaw, Poland
  • Worms, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Volksbühne, Berlin, Germany


  • we are closely working together with:
  • we are members of "Zentrum für alte Musik":

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